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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Featured on a Blog!!

Gosh, I'm so excited. Susan, a woman who has an etsy shop, and a blog ( just wrote to me and asked if she could feature my fried marble necklaces on her blog on Saturday. Every Saturday she does a special feature called "Saturday Sparkle" in where she features a particular artist who she thinks is doing special work in bringing more sparkle into womens lives with their jewelry design. And she picked my necklaces to be featured this Saturday! How cool is that?? I'm very flattered. Mostly because I really admire her work as a jewelry designer, and her sense of style. and she also writes a pretty good blog! So anyway, go to the link above on Saturday April 19th to check it out! Actually try to go to her blog more often because, unlike me, she updates her blog daily!! How does she find the time! So that's my big news of the day!! Catch ya later!

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