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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Tutorial is now online!!

Well my tutorial is now online!! Only it's not here, it's been posted on the newsletter over at a group I belong to, the PCAGOE. Here is the address . So go there to check it out. Maybe next month, when they change the newsletter, I will post it here as well. The tutorial is for the hollow beads that I have been making so many of lately, well at least one of the ways that I make them anyway. I mean, who doesn't want another tutorial in their stash? I print out everyone that I can find. I put them in a notebook out in the studio, and I actually use them sometimes too! Anyway, it was the first time that I have ever attempted anything like that, and I think that it came out okay. Some of the pictures were a little blurry, but overall, it came out alright. So if you'd like to check it out, then please do! You can see a picture of some of the bracelets that I have been making below in a previous post. I will show you a picture here of one of the most recent ones that I have made. Have fun and I'll post soon again. I don't know if anyone out there is even reading this darn blog. But on the off chance that maybe one person is reading this, I thought I'd let you know! Thanks,


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