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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Other Obsession

The picture at the right shows my other obsession, fried marbles. I just love to hand wrap one of these pretty marbles with some sterling silver wire to make a one of a kind pendant or necklace. I purchase them in 2 different sizes. The larger marbles are 11-13 mm in size and the smaller peewee sized marbles measure 9-11 mm. The peewee sized marbles are great gifts for nieces, cousins, or any younger girl, and they are really very pretty. The way that the marble fractures, really makes them sparkle. I sell them at my etsy shop which is and I also sell matching earrings that are really adorable. On some of them I have added a matching Swarovski crystal, which adds to the sparkle factor! I made myself a pair out of the clear marbles and I wear them all the time! I get compliments whenever I wear them and I just love em'. So go check them out! Right now it's time for me to go finish sanding the last few batches of hollow beads. Then I'll make a few more bracelets. Then perhaps I'll figure out what project I want to start next. I've finished writing up the tutorial for the hollow beads, I just can't figure out where or how to post it. So once I figure it out I'll post a mention here. Till next time.....

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