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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Designer of the Week!!

I was reading my favorite blogs last night and as I was reading the Art Bead Scene blog, I scrolled down and saw a picture of my Crazy Green Necklace!! I was so surprised! I guess I had won the designer of the week challenge!! How cool is that? Very cool if you ask me. They have a monthly theme, and last month's theme was Earth Goddess or Mother Earth or something like that, and I had completely forgotten about the fact that I had submitted a picture of my necklace. Anyway, it was very exciting for me, and they had some really nice things to say about the pendant as well. So a big thank you to the ladies over at the Art Bead Scene blog!! If you'd like to check it out, please do, here's the link. Just scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see it. Check out their challenge for this month and submit an entry. Be back later and thanks for stopping in!


1 comment:

Julz said...

Well congratulations is certainly a lovely necklace.